Deaded Myself

Deaded Myself

I have to say, I make a pretty sexy zombie. Though, I would NEVER let myself be zombified in the apocalypse!!! I'm a survivor. Plus, my husband was in the Army and has many useful survival skills that he loves to teach me, and he is also a zombie survival enthusiast. Good mate choosing on my part if this event should ever occur.

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  1. pyralis

    Dream This
    Dream the day,
    Dream the night,
    Dream the distance,
    Dream a sight,
    Dream for the sake of good,

    Dream of roses,
    Dream of woods,

    Dream of caring,
    Dream of delight,

    Dream of the awesome,
    Dream of might!

    By: Christopher Ray Sanderson Hope you and every on else I sent this to likes the poem.

    February 16, 2013
  2. nancypcalder

    This picture by best essay writers service is very horrifying that’s why I don’t like this photograph. Its title The walking dead sounds very interesting and related to this picture. But it also admit that this zombie is looking very sexy and horny as well ……….. Heheheheeheh… guys if you also like zombie movies then you will surely enjoy this blog.

    January 31, 2017